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   Old Glory Farm is the rural Iowa home of Denny & Dee Murra. Denny and Dee have always enjoyed the quiet beauty of an Iowa summer evening and how a quietly spinning windmill can add to that experience. Not too many years ago, every farm had a windmill to pump water for the livestock and for the home. The old windmills are slowly disappearing from the landscape. Making a windmill a part of your landscaping will bring back a little bit of country to even the most urban yard.
    Since retiring from the Air Force in 1992, Denny has dreamed of every home and business flying the American flag. Raising the flag on a beautiful spring morning can instill a sense of pride that every American should experience
    At Old Glory Farm, your interest in our products is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call us from 4-8 pm central time or email us at anytime so we can help you select the windmill or flagpole that is right for you.

Denny & Dee Murra

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