Specialty Windmills
Made in Humboldt, Iowa

Pole windmill for aeration
Pond Fresh Aeration conversion:  $750.00 plus cost of windmill.
Sinking air hose: $2.10 per ft.
(See www.breezy-mills.com for more information.)
Econo Windmill complete for pond aeration
  • 10' pole windmill w/48" fan & billows pump: $1,765.00
  • 10' pole windmill w/60" fan & billows pump: $2,190.00
  • 10' pole windmill w/72" fan & billows pump: $2,350.00
Includes: 100' hose w/fittings, easy clean diffuser & instructions

*****New from Old Glory Farm*****    "Pole windmill for pond aeration"

Tilts for ease of assembly.
Portable base available - $298

Custom family or business name: $88.00
Custom tail wrap: $195.00
Custom colors on fan tips: $110.00
Custom powder coating of tower: (Call for pricing)

The new Econo Windmill uses the same pond fresh billows aeration pump as our regular windmill.
The new steel pole tower replaces the original four legged tower. 

Billows pump produces a large volume of air with the Goodyear air bag lasting 20-25 years.

                        aeration windmill
Pond aeration windmill

Shipping costs vary according on windmill size and destination.
Save on shipping costs by having windmills shipped to a business that regularly received freight.
Call 641-562-2198 for actual shipping cost
Extra charge for delivery to residential address

For more information call (641)562-2198
Or (866)561-2198 (Toll Free)

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